Weekend Rental Podcast - Episode 14: The Gamers Just Want 2 Cheeseburgers

The Failbag joins our normal podcast. A Buy, Rent, Burn of Sega Master System games present tough decisions. We also go down a few random topics that cannot be missed.

Buy, Rent, Burn - Episode 13


We select three video games at random and give them a play before deciding which game we would Buy, Rent, or Burn!!! This week we look at Kwirk, Rescue of Princess Blobette, and Sneaky Snakes for the Game Boy.

Amazing Movie Time - Rubber

Welcome to the first installment of Amazing Movie Time! We kick things off with Rubber, a movie staring a tire that destroys all living things in its path through the power of telekinesis. Yup....a tire.

Weekend Rental Podcast - Episode 13: The Gamers are Movie Critics

For the new year, we switched up our content. A thoughtful discussion of the movie "Rubber" accompanies a more focused Buy, Rent, Burn.

Game of the Year 2017

The Gamers narrow down a list of great games to a top 5 of our favorites this year. 

Failbag #2

An episode full of fanboys of the Sega, Nintendo, Atari, and Abe Lincoln varieties.

The Gamers Go Online

We share our first online console memories, talk about some great games we've been playing and have a very devisive Buy, Rent, Burn.

Failbag #1

When a group of question hungry guys like The Gamers do not receive emails, they turn desparate. Introducing the Weekend Rental Failbag, where we wholesale steal questions written to old video game magazines and answer them today.

The Gamers Ruin Your Favorite Playstation Series

Our topic is all about 989 Studios, who took over popular Playstation franchises and drilled them into the dirt. We talk about more fishy practices in modern gaming and have one of the coolest Buy, Rent, Burns yet.