The Gamers Have Company (Cartridge Fun)

Our first guest, Cartridge Fun, joins us as we discuss why there is a new Wii game and the collecting life of those living in northern USA. Of course, this week's Buy, Rent, Burn is a great talk.

The Gamers are Spooked and WOWed

A special Halloween Buy, Rent, Burn and a retrospective on a fun yet dark moments in our lives with World of Warcraft.

The Gamer's Amazing Sports Spectacular

This edition of the podcast is crammed full of sports goodness. We discuss our favorite sports games and even have a special Buy, Rent, Burn with all sports games.

The Gamers are Environmentally Concious
We talk Destiny 2, Arduventure, and Nintendo news. We dive into the early TMNT craze and have a Buy, Rent, Burn to remember.
The Gamers Micro Manage
In Episode 6, we go over our latest games including Nier Automata and Madden. We get nostalgic over our PS1 memories and run through a great Buy, Rent, Burn segment.
The Gamers Get Caught Time Slipping
We are going to run down the successes and mostly failures of the Wii U. News and a quirky Buy, Rent, Burn are also present.
The Gamers Rent Some Games
We recall our memories of our local video rental stores of our youth. Dive into Crossout and Slime Rancher and round up 3 more games for Buy, Rent, Burn