Weekend Rental: Episode 56 - The Gamers Are Thinking...

We play 2 Game Gear games with wood as a weapon, the last uses the Law. We show some love for Switch SNES games and less for ports. Then to celebrate the Dreamcast, we answer some Sega questions in Failbag

Weekend Rental: Episode 55 - The Gamers Lay Some Pipe

We get to experience 3 very good Famicom games in Buy, Rent, Burn. Superheroes are A-holes and we (mostly) don’t like them. Andy closes the show with what we can only classify as improv reading. 

Drastically Direct 9.4.2019 - Nintendo Direct Parody

A very stupid parody of the 9/4/2019 Nintendo Direct...we warned you, very stupid!!!

Weekend Rental: Episode 54 - The Gamers Serve Up the Impossamole

We always love when it's the Turbografx turn for Buy, Rent, Burn and thankfully Ryan saved the day with a great game. We have a chat with retro tech master Danton. Then "Where's the Beef?" is the question of the day in the Failbag. 

Weekend Rental: Episode 53 - The Gamers Dredd the Pit


Wario shows up in someone else's game in one of the 3 Gameboy games we play in Buy, Rent, Burn. We really do not like the direction of collecting and sealed video games. Then finally, if Pokemon were edible, what possibilities are out there? Check out our podcast as well as all the other quality content over at Geekade - https://geekade.com/

Weekend Rental: Episode 52 - The Gamers Experience a Cat-astrophe

When you pick 3 different Sega Genesis games, odds are you would have at least one decent game but the Gamers aren't sure that's the case in this week's Buy, Rent, Burn. The great vet detective, Ryan, figures out what's up. Then the Failbag is the top 100 Nintendo games (97 and older) with some questionable picks to get our blood boiling.

Weekend Rental: Episode 51 - The Gamers Love to Replay Games

We start with the show with a Buy, Rent, Burn of GBA games that on surface level is a surprise difference to how it landed. We sit down with Cassidy of Replay Games in Fargo and talk how the economics of gaming might be best spent per hour. Finally we finish the show with maybe the oddest contest winnings out there.

Weekend Rental: Episode 50 - The Gamers are Over the Hill


This episode has been two years in the making and to celebrate, Justin has joined us to rip through some NES games in Buy, Rent, Burn. We catch up a bit and discuss some E3 Happenings. Then to end the show, we reminisce over some of our favorite memories of the podcast so far.

Weekend Rental: Episode 49 - The Gamers Are Seeing Double (Dragons)

The Gamers master some Master System games this week, forecast the nearly absent future of GameStop, and check in on Apple's corporate Tetris scores in the Failbag.

Weekend Rental: Episode 48 - The Gamers Go Nuts For Atari

Atari 2600 is the console of the day and we pick 3 games for a system with little to no nostalgia for the group. We discover dogs and VR do not mix. Finally we discuss the physical merits of Waluigi in the Failbag