Donnie Darko - Amazing Movie Time!!!

Donnie is seeing some strange things that is corrupting his mind. Or is he? What's going on with Donnie? Well we aren't told but we have some thoughts.

Weekend Rental: Episode 28 - The Gamers are Earthbound and Down

We start the show with a debate over 3 turbografx games, Ryan has 99 vidas but a Switch ain't one and some Earthbound love and Mario movie hate to close the show in the Failbag.

The Lost boys - Amazing Movie Time!!!


Have your wooden stakes at the ready as the Gamers discuss the 80's vampire classic The Lost Boys.

No Man's Sky Next - Weekend Rental!!

Will the latest patch to No Man's Sky finally give us the game we've been longing for???

True Pokémon Origins - Weekend Rental!!

The Gamers reveal the true origins of the Pocket Monster!!!

Weekend Rental: Episode 27 - The Gamers March to a Beat of a Different Drum

We start the show with a very devisive Buy, Rent, Burn of NES games, head straight into a lengthy Youtube rant and finish the show discussing the dark secret of the Ball Monster Squirtle.

Buy, Rent, Burn - Ep. 26

We select three video games at random and give them a play before deciding which game we would Buy, Rent, or Burn!!! This week we look at Crack Down, Caliber 50 and Joe & Mac for the Sega Genesis!!!!

Hustling GameStop - Weekend Rental

After some trade in magic, Weekend Rental's very own Andy makes one heck of a haul from a local GameStop. Power to the players!!!

Andy Gets Overcooked - Weekend Rental

Andy discovers the joy of playing Overcooked...poorly!

Game Over, Man! - Amazing Movie Time!!

Hold onto your butts as the Gamers enjoy yet another Netflix exclusive, Gamer Over, Man!