Hustling GameStop - Weekend Rental

After some trade in magic, Weekend Rental's very own Andy makes one heck of a haul from a local GameStop. Power to the players!!!

Andy Gets Overcooked - Weekend Rental

Andy discovers the joy of playing Overcooked...poorly!

Game Over, Man! - Amazing Movie Time!!

Hold onto your butts as the Gamers enjoy yet another Netflix exclusive, Gamer Over, Man!

You'll Game Your Eye Out Kid!!! - Weekend Rental

The Gamers offer some much needed medical advice for those suffering from video game related eye strain.

Weekend Rental: Episode 26 - The Gamers Fit in Your Pocket

The Gamers debate over a trio of pretty decent Sega Genesis games, we recover with our histories with handhelds and round out the show with some straight medical advice.

Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell - Amazing Movie Time!!!


The Tremors series of films has been a long running cult scifi phenomenon. Join the Gamers as we try to find a reason to recommend the sixth entry in the series...Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell.

Weekend Rental - Episode 25: The Gamers & the Total Carnage of E3

We start the show with 3 pretty good SNES games that we need to make hard decisions on our favorites. Then a discussion of E3 and many other new topics. Followed by a few magazine questions in the Failbag.

Weekend Rental - Episode 24: The Gamers Let Out Their Rage

A trio of original gameboy titles top the show in the Buy, Rent, Burn section. We then have a lot on our minds about new old things, new new things, and new games we've been playing. Then some "fresh" questions are addressed in the Failbag.

Buy, Rent, Burn - Ep. 23

We select three video games at random and give them a play before deciding which game we would Buy, Rent, or Burn!!! This week we look at Porky's, Chuck Norris Super Kicks, and Blue Print for the Atari 2600

Nintendo's 2018 E3 Direct Recap - Weekend Rental!!

Nintendo's 2018 E3 Direct was a smash...Super Smash Bros Ultimate to be exact. Join the Gamers as we recap what was shown.