Weekend Rental: Episode 83 - The Gamers Learn to Tuck

We are balls to the walls in this episode! A game hunting adventure highlights the show on top of a flood of big gaming news.

Weekend Rental: Episode 82 - The Gamers Go Pro

We subject ourselves to the early 90’s cartoon “Pro Stars”, rip Mario 3D All Stars a new one, & then discuss an even worse game starring a plumber.

Weekend Rental: Episode 81 - The Gamers Take To The Skies

We take flight in aWe take flight in airplanes and skateboards, find the dark side of Darksiders, and sabotage recommendation algorithms.irplanes and skateboards, find the dark side of Darksiders, and sabotage recommendation algorithms.

Weekend Rental: Episode 80 - The Gamers Go Commando

It's the battle of the beat em ups in Buy, Rent, Burn. We daydream with the NES and experience some Canadian dysentery.

Weekend Rental: Episode 79 - The Gamers Explore New Territory

More lucky retro game finds, another lost to the Kingdom of Hearts, the non Stand By Me River Phoenix movie, and buying video games at a hardware store.

Weekend Rental: Episode 78 - The Gamers LEGO My NES

3 Years of Weekend Rental! There is a very expensive Lego set we are interested in and a very expensive Atari console we are not. Of course 3 years of podcasting memories to share.

Weekend Rental: Episode 77 - The Gamers Rush Mega Man

It's a Buy, Rent, Burn of classic Mega Man games, we refuse to enable Fortnite, and finally fix the Montana roadkill problem.

Weekend Rental: Episode 76 - The Gamers Aren't Ready For Next Gen

Ryan & Andy have a bunch of gaming news to run through, not the least of which the PS5 reveal. Jokes & thoughts a plenty with excitement maybe lacking behind.

Weekend Rental: Episode 75 - The Gamers Go Micro

We discuss the announcement of a product no one was asking for, male pregnancy weight and the TurboGrafx Mini Box.

Weekend Rental: Episode 74 - The Gamers Have a Threesome

All three of us are back together to discuss this weeks gaming news and why the Battletoads arcade game is superior.