About The Gamers


Ryan is an avid retro gamer and collector. He chronicles his journey on his own YouTube channel. Unironic Atari Jaguar fan.
Favorite System: NES
Favorite Game: Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

Twitter: @Vidja_gamer - Youtube: Vidja Gamer


Andy is a retro game enthusiast, RPG fan, and buyer/seller of video games. You can find him scouting out your local spots for games. #1 Proverbial Sonic Fan.

Favorite System: Sega Genesis
Favorite Game: Journey

Twitter: @vgexperiment - Website: Video Game Experiment


Nate is retro gamer and collector with a focus on a nice NES collection. Enjoys dipping into modern games and creating quality youtube gaming videos. He may ask if you have old games the first time you meet him.
Favorite System: NES
Favorite Game: Super Mario Bros. 3

Twitter: @cartridgefun - YouTube: Cartridge Fun


Justin loves his first person and third person shooter and is the podcast's resident sports game expert. You will usually find him wasting fools on Twitch. Ba na nas
Favorite System: Playstation 1
Favorite Game: SOCOM 2

Twitter: @taze889 - Twitch: Taze889