Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Amazing Movie Time!!!

On this installment of Amazing Movie Time we discuss the 2008 comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall!

Out of Context - Weekend Rental

What happens when you edit down an episode of the podcast and take our comments completely out of context....comedy gold!!!! Enjoy this out of context cut of Weekend Rental episode 22

Weekend Rental - Episode 22: The Gamers are (digi)Evolving!

Up first a three pack of GBA games are sorted best to worst in our Buy, Rent, Burn. A failbag of some hardball questions and we talk about what we have been playing and watching and round out some game news.

Buy, Rent, Burn - Ep. 21

We select three video games at random and give them a play before deciding which game we would Buy, Rent, or Burn!!! This week we look at Knuckles Chaotix, Spiderman: Web of Fire, and Kalibri for the Sega 32X!!!

Beerfest - Amazing Movie Time!!!

On this installment of Amazing Movie Time we look at the comedy classic Beerfest!

No Campaign in Call of Duty!?! - Weekend Rental

The Gamers discuss the recent news that the latest Call of Duty game, Black Ops 4, will not have a traditional single player campaign.

Andy Plays Far Cry 5!!! - Weekend Rental

Andy has been playing Ubisoft's Far Cry it worth playing?

Neo Geo Classic!?! - Weekend Rental

The Gamers discuss the SNK teased Neo Geo console to celebrate their 40th anniversary. What could it be???

Nintendo Labo Thoughts - Weekend Rental

Ryan shares his thoughts on the recently release Nintendo Labo...trash or cardboard treasure???

Weekend Rental - Episode 21: The Gamers are Chaotix Neutral

Our Buy, Rent, Burn jumps right in with a trio of Sega 32X games, we talk about literal cardboard and finally answer some more outdated questions on the Failbag.