Weekend Rental: Episode 64 - The Gamers Get Trivial

The new year brings us some cool and some strange famicom games to play, we run through a quick guide for a new Dreamcast owner, and blow through a ton of gaming trivia at the end of the show.

Weekend Rental: Episode 63 - The Gamers Kick Off the New Year

We always love playing Turbografx games and this time 2/3 of them are about kicking. We give our bold 2020 predictions in gaming and then finish with a much more agreeable Top Games of the Decade list.

Weekend Rental: Episode 62 - The Gamers Hit the Stall

Some mid-tier Sega Master System games hit the roundtable today, the decade of gaming and friendship in review, and more gaming trivia!

Weekend Rental: Episode 61 - The Gamers Get Butch!!!

There is a clear winner in the trio of NES games we played, we then head on down to the love shack before testing our video game knowledge with some trivia to end the show.

Weekend Rental: Episode 60 - The Gamers Go on a Grocery Run

We play the meda in our first segment with 3 GBA games, circle our favorite games in the toy catalog, and laugh at other people's favorite games of the decade.

Weekend Rental: Episode 59 - The Gamers Panic at the Spinball

The Gamers are playing Genesis games this time around and ruin a childhood favorite, then have a intervention of sorts about game collecting. Finally, we ask how working a golf tournament for a football player would be a prize?

Weekend Rental: Episode 58 - The Gamers Hold a Grudge

It's that spooky Halloween time again with 3 frightening games to pick through in Buy, Rent, Burn. We discuss some games we thought were scary as a child. Then finish the show on a 80's Horror quiz.

Weekend Rental: Episode 57 - The Gamers Battle Sugar

For the first time, the Gamers play a game requiring a prescription, we get a bit Overcooked, and finally we test Nate in a hashtag FakeGamer quiz.

Weekend Rental: Episode 56 - The Gamers Are Thinking...

We play 2 Game Gear games with wood as a weapon, the last uses the Law. We show some love for Switch SNES games and less for ports. Then to celebrate the Dreamcast, we answer some Sega questions in Failbag

Weekend Rental: Episode 55 - The Gamers Lay Some Pipe

We get to experience 3 very good Famicom games in Buy, Rent, Burn. Superheroes are A-holes and we (mostly) don’t like them. Andy closes the show with what we can only classify as improv reading.