Weekend Rental: Episode 45 - The Gamers Eat Pea Green Peaches

With 3 good Game Boy games to start the show, it's hard to not have a great Buy, Rent, Burn discussion. Then the aftermath of the Fargo Game Exchange and our streaming future. Plus some Nintendo Nightmares.

Weekend Rental: Episode 44 - The Gamers Discuss Dinosaurs, Dynomite, and Dynamic Diversions

It's D-Day with Buy, Rent, Burn and a group of Sega games. The Wizard Gamers meet up to tell us about their content, Extra Life efforts and amiibo addictions. We end with the show with quality advice and reasoning on why classic games will be rereleased forever.

Weekend Rental: Episode 43 - The Gamers Put Out Yeti Nother Podcast

A great selection of GBA games kicks off the show in Buy, Rent, Burn. Then we welcome our new overlord Bowser followed by more disturbing game ideas in the Failbag.

Weekend Rental: Episode 42 - The Gamers & The Science of Cartridge Substances

It's Famicom week and we found a couple gems and a Garfield game. A new Battle Royale hits the streets, and lastly, what substances are on a cartridge?

Weekend Rental: Episode 41 - The Gamers Talk Fargo GameFest

Three more Master System games hit the Buy, Rent, Burn process. We talk with Ben and Josh about the upcoming Fargo GameFest. Then a Failbag that goes places...

Weekend Rental: Episode 40 - The Gamers Hit the Road

We start with some surprisingly good Atari games in Buy, Rent, Burn and move on to our recent game hunting road trip. Finally, we wonder what happened to cheat codes in the Failbag.

On the hunt - Last Stop Sioux Falls!!!

Join the Gamers as we load up the car and drive south to Sioux Falls, South Dakota! Why you ask? The annual HALF OFF video game sale at Last Stop CD Shop of course. This will be a trip to remember!!!

Weekend Rental: Episode 39 - The Gamers Main Soulja Boy in Smash

A new year has come and a chance to play some good games for once. Yeah Right... We have 3 "ok" Snes games this week follow up with some gaming news and Christmas. Finally, we discover a northerner doing a southern accent is just a Primus song.

Weekend Rental: Episode 38 - The Gamers Dingle All The Way

Justin has returned for this special holiday episode! We cover some great and some bad Christmas games in Buy, Rent, Burn. We catch up with Justin and then finish the show with our favorites and awards.

Weekend Rental: Episode 37 - The Gamers Fiddle with Snack Mixes

It's Turbografx week and we potentially squandered it. We had Adrian (NotAnotherGameCollector) stop in for a chat. In the failbag, we discovered a word whose definition sparked a wild debate.