Weekend Rental: Episode 36 - The Gamers "Shop" the Catalog

We start with a showdown of Game Boy games that aren't all that original, Nate and Andy have taken to VR in different ways, and we finish with a climax provided by your favorite controller.

Face/Off - Amazing Movie Time!!

On this outing of amazing movie time the Gamers watch Face/Off. Two of your favorite stars of online memes switch faces in this unintentionally hilarious and action packed 90's film.

Weekend Rental: Episode 35 - The Gamers are (Red) Dead Tired

Coming off 30+ hour stream of Red Dead Redemption, the Gamers slam some caffiene and play some NES games of various quality, speak on our western experience, and finish the show with some biohazardous video game ideas.

Out of context...Again!!! - Weekend Rental

What happens when you edit down an episode of the podcast and take our comments completely out of context....comedy gold!!!! Enjoy this out of context cut of Weekend Rental episode 35.

Weekend Rental: Episode 34 - The Gamers Can't Believe It Ain't Butter

This week's podcast features a trio of Sega Genesis games in various qualities, a proclamation from Ryan stating he will NEVER buy an Arcade 1up machine from Walmart, and finish the show with some incredibly strange questions and game ideas in the Failbag.

Heathers - Amazing Movie Time!!

The Gamers dive into the wild and wacky world the the late 80's dark comedy, Heathers. Starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, this film tackles high school politics, teen suicide, sexuality, and murder...all in one unforgettable package

Weekend Rental: Episode 33 - The Gamers Act Snoody and Bratty

With a small apology up front, we move on to determining the best of 3 GBA games, talk nintendo rumors, and finish the show with some not so though provoking questions.

Batteries Not Included - Amazing Movie Time!!!

Join the Gamers as we discuss the 1987 cult classic Batteries Not Included. This film has it all...aliens, street thugs, the elderly, and even some help from Steven Spielberg.

3 Scary Games From Our Childhood

What video games scared you as a kid? The gamers share the scariest video games from their childhood!

Mega Man 11 - First Impressions

The gamers share their thoughts about Mega Man 11 on the Nintendo Switch!