The Lost boys - Amazing Movie Time!!!


Have your wooden stakes at the ready as the Gamers discuss the 80's vampire classic The Lost Boys.

No Man's Sky Next - Weekend Rental!!

Will the latest patch to No Man's Sky finally give us the game we've been longing for???

True Pokémon Origins - Weekend Rental!!

The Gamers reveal the true origins of the Pocket Monster!!!

Weekend Rental: Episode 27 - The Gamers March to a Beat of a Different Drum

We start the show with a very devisive Buy, Rent, Burn of NES games, head straight into a lengthy Youtube rant and finish the show discussing the dark secret of the Ball Monster Squirtle.

Buy, Rent, Burn - Ep. 26

We select three video games at random and give them a play before deciding which game we would Buy, Rent, or Burn!!! This week we look at Crack Down, Caliber 50 and Joe & Mac for the Sega Genesis!!!!

Hustling GameStop - Weekend Rental

After some trade in magic, Weekend Rental's very own Andy makes one heck of a haul from a local GameStop. Power to the players!!!

Andy Gets Overcooked - Weekend Rental

Andy discovers the joy of playing Overcooked...poorly!

Game Over, Man! - Amazing Movie Time!!

Hold onto your butts as the Gamers enjoy yet another Netflix exclusive, Gamer Over, Man!

You'll Game Your Eye Out Kid!!! - Weekend Rental

The Gamers offer some much needed medical advice for those suffering from video game related eye strain.

Weekend Rental: Episode 26 - The Gamers Fit in Your Pocket

The Gamers debate over a trio of pretty decent Sega Genesis games, we recover with our histories with handhelds and round out the show with some straight medical advice.